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Card Services & ATM Processing  

Prepaid Reloadable Debit Cards

Through the CUMONEY program, prepaid reloadable debit cards carry the VISA logo on the front of the card and cardholders can add value to the card at anytime.  In addition to the 20 million VISA locations worldwide, the reloadable cards also work at ATMs and merchants anywhere you see the Plus or Interlink (pinned based pos) networks. Under this program the credit union has no liability and no fraud exposure.  The card can be branded with the credit union logo.    Even if the credit union does not offer share drafts, you can offer your members CUMONEY.  It is also a good alternative for members that do not qualify for a debit card. 


-Increased member convenience in accessing accounts at the credit union

-No liability or fraud exposure

-Additional income opportunity for the credit union

-Gives the credit union a competitive advantage

-Provides account access for members who do not qualify for a debit card

Criss Browning, Director Credit Union Development, TCUL, 800-572-7359, Ext. 1251


Visa Gift Cards

Non-reloadable Visa gift cards are a great gift idea for graduations, birthdays and around the holiday season and can be used at millions of Visa merchants worldwide.  The instant issue Visa Gift Card Program has a minimum of paperwork, no one-time start up costs and no monthly costs to your credit union.  Credit unions can order as few as 25 cards and mark-up the fee to generate income for the credit union when members purchase a card.  Cards are shipped to the credit union inactive and have a two-year expiration date on them.  When a member purchases a card, you simply go to a secured internet site and activate the card by loading a dollar value of the card purchased.  Members can start using the card within a 24-hour time period, and your corporate account will be settled the following day for that dollar amount.  No accounting entries to worry about! 


-Enhanced member service and satisfaction

-Ease of operation of the program

-Provides a competitive advantage for the credit union
-Provides opportunity to cross sell other services

-Provides income to the credit union

Criss Browning, Director Credit Union Development, TCUL, Ext. 1251

Leisa Massingill, Technical Assistant, TCUL, Ext. 1209

Julie Boardman, ICUL Service Corporation, Cell 630-988-7827  •  Work 630-983-3713



Credit/Debit Card Services

The National Apollo Program is a credit card program designed for smaller credit unions ($1 - $10 million in assets) that will issue at least 50 cards.  This program is serviced through the ICUL Service Corporation, a subsidiary of the Illinois Credit Union League.  Apollo offers all the advantages of VISA/MasterCard: convenience, worldwide acceptance, and economic rewards to the issuing credit union.  ICUL Service Corporation provides complete back-office processing service.  Additionally, the cuCASH and cuCHECK programs provide a cost-effective way for smaller credit unions to offer debit cards priced on a per account per month basis - not on the number of transactions (with no minimum processing).


-Increases credit union profitability through increased loan volume without a lot of work
-Increases member convenience is accessing their accounts.
-Enhances image of credit union to its members

Criss Browning, Director Credit Union Development, TCUL, 800-572-7359, Ext. 1251


ATM Network Membership


Membership in CO-OP Network entitles credit union cardholders access to 25,000 surcharge-free ATMs nationwide, including 6,000 that accept deposits.  CO-OP Network grants cardholders access to surcharge-free ATMs virtually anywhere in the country and, through links to almost every national and regional network, they'll actually have access to more than 800,000 ATMs worldwide.  Through CO-OP Network, Tennessee credit unions have an opportunity to build a state-wide, credit union owned, surcharge-free network that eliminates many of the hassles that accompany the administration of local surcharge-free networks.


-Provides convenience to credit union members in accessing their accounts.

-Reduced cost through special pricing for Tennessee credit unions
-Credit Union owned network

Criss Browning, Director Credit Union Development, TCUL, 800-572-7359, Ext. 1251


CO-OP Debit Processing

As the nation's largest credit union owned and operated EFT network and processor, CO-OP has developed a leading-edge signature and PIN debit processing platform just for credit unions.  Coupled with their comprehensive offering of Card Services products, your credit union will have everything it needs to develop a robust debit program, including:

     •  Customized Debit Card Programs

     •  Flexible Authorization Options

     •  Fraud and Risk Management

     •  Plastics Management

     •  Streamlined Backroom Management

     •  Support and Training

David Newman, Regional Sales Manager
800-782-9042, ext. 6144
972-467-8726 cell


CO-OP ATM Processing

Meet member expectations, cope with new technology and keep up with regulations without investing in products you'll have to staff and maintain yourself.  CO-OP ATM Processing takes care of tasks that take up too much of your time, energy and money so you can take care of your members - and grow your business.  You'll get everything you need to run an economical, reliable, leading-edge ATM program at maximum efficiency, including:

•  Check Imaging - the first system that captures electronic images of checks and verifies deposits at the ATM             

•  Device Inquiry - view the status of all your ATMs online

•  Gasper Online - Web-enabled tool that allows you to monitor, notify and track ATM faults and incidents remotely

•  Cash Manager - instantly view ATM cash positions and eliminate unnecessary cash supply trips

•  Data Navigator - real-time access to transaction data for research and easy-to-use exception processing system

•  ATMContent Manager - create and download advertising and graphics to targeted ATMs

•  Remote Key Distribution - the most economical and efficient way to manage ATM keys

Behind the tools is a team of professionals who take care of the complexities - they supply solutions, implement, train, support and inform.    

David Newman, Regional Sales Manager
800-782-9042, ext. 6144
972-467-8726 cell


Shared Branching

Few credit unions, regardless of size, have the rsources necessary to open and operate enough of their own branch offices to adequately serve their current members and potential members.  The CO-OP Shared Branching Program is designed to overcome this by developing a nationwide network of shared branches to provide service more efficiently to all credit unions members.  The shared branch locations are electronically linked through our Next Generation Network (NGN) platform allowing members of participating credit unions to use any shared branch location in the network to conduct business as if they were at a branch of their own credit union.  A credit union with an under-utilized branch office may open one or all of its locations as an "Outlet" to serve members of participating credit unions while reducing their overhead costs of operations. 


-  Increased profitability that results from increased access to credit union services through additional locations and more hours of service
-  Increased membership penetration from family accounts
-  Retention of members that move out of state or relocate.
-  Cost reduction for facilities and human resources

-  Potential revenue generation through Outlet operations

Geraldine Cardwell, Executive Vice President & CFO, TCUL, 800-572-7359, Ext. 1203

Criss Browning, Director Credit Union Development, TCUL, 800-572-7359, Ext. 1251

Shared Branching Video


Shared Branching Video




CO-OP Mobile

Now your members can gain real-time access to their account balances, make transfers, and find CO-OP Network ATMs and CO-OP Shared Branching locations rights from their mobile phone.

Unlike competitors' mobile banking platforms, CO-OP Mobile is integrated into our Next Generation Network (NGN) platform and has been developed to require minimal or no credit union capital investment.  CO-OP Mobile is fully streamlined and allows your members to easily enroll for mobile banking, register their supported mobile device, and download CO-OP's mobile banking application.

Linda Laux, Reg. Sales Manager, CO-OP Financial Services,

800-782-9042, Ext. 3464. linda.laux@co-opfs.org


CO-OP My Deposit

CO-OP My Deposit, with check imaging technology, gives members a credit union "branch" right in their own homes or small businesses!  Members can make deposits online simply by scanning and uploading their checks via your credit union Web site, making it easier for them to do business with you.  You'll strengthen your relationship with your members, bringing fast, accurate, anytime deposit services right to their computers.

Korine Patterson, National Sales Acct Executive, CO-OP Financial Services, 800-782-9042, ext. 2502, korine.patterson@co-opfs.org

Marketing  & Promotions  

Fool Proof - Financial Literacy

FoolProof is owned by FoolProof Financial Education Systems, Incorporated. The not-for-profit Education Credit Union Council and Credit Union Strategic Partners have partnered with FoolProof to offer FoolProof to credit unions and other not-for-profit educational institutions.

Nick Buettner nick@foolproofhq.com



Member Surveys and Focus Groups


League member credit unions can have completely customized and affordable credit union member surveys and other market research projects through CU Market Research. Products include:

Mail Surveys     Web Surveys     Focus Groups     Comment Summaries     Marketing Planning

Every project is built to obtain the member feedback clients need for decision-making.
Every client receives a complete analysis with recommendations for change.
CU Market Research consults with clients to help develop their marketing plans. A statistically valid member survey should be included as a major component of a credit union's strategic planning process. Most survey clients choose to benchmark their member satisfaction scores, market share data and demographics for comparison in future survey projects. Research may be conducted every year, but most credit unions want new research every two-five years, depending on the amount of change that occurs in services, service delivery, and consumer behavior. A member survey benefits the credit union in these ways:

-makes money by increasing member awareness and usage of CU services.
-saves money by directing marketing dollars toward best opportunities for increased business.
-saves time by pinpointing needs for management decision-making
-improves vision of the future for more effective planning
-improves image by involving members in their credit union
-educates members about the credit union's services.

David Wilson, CU Market Research, 423-503-3672


Printing, Statement Mailing & Fulfillment Services                    


Though the trend toward electronic functions will continue, the printed word will remain essential to credit union functions and the member relationship.  Palmetto Cooperative Services has continued to refine their print, mail, and fulfillment services for efficiency and effectiveness, whether it be member statements, direct mailings, or related functions.

Michele Cowsert, Account Executive, Palmetto Coop Services, 800-235-4290, ext. 423, mcowsert@palmettocoop.com


Lending Products & Services


CO-OP Member Center 

Your members look to you for 24/7 account access, high-quality personalized attention, and quick and efficient lending services.  CO-OP Member Center delivers a superior, flexible call center solution for member services and loan services, including by-phone, Internet and indirect lending.  Without additional staffing or operational costs, CO-OP Member Center helps you retain members, strengthen lending operations, and grow your revenue.

Jon Knoll, National Call Center Sales Mgr, CO-OP, 888-869-5552,

option 1, ext. 5629, jon.knoll@co-opmc.org


Credit Card Services


Fidelity National Information Services offers a turnkey solution to credit card processing with availability of all MasterCard and Visa products.  FIS handles all back office functions, including accounting, security services, charge backs and customer service.  Credit unions can offer easy unsecured credit to their members while increasing  member convenience and credit union profitability.

Through the Self-Administered Program, larger credit unions can handle their own back office functions with FIS providing training and technical support.  With Internal Credit Card programs, credit unions perform their own credit card data processing in-house with support from FIS.


-Increases profitability through increased loan volume
-Eliminates the headache in administering a credit card program.
-Reduces cost and complications of upgrading a card program as volume increases
-Reduced cost through local training
-Improves member perception of the credit union

Criss Browning, Director Credit Union Development, TCUL, 800-572-7359, Ext. 1251

Note:   See "Small Credit Union Service" for additional Credit Card information.

SIGNiX Digital Signatures

You and your members can sign business documents, contracts and forms quickly and securely. SIGNiX is a highly cost-effective service that saves time and money and dramatically reduces the effort of getting contracts legally executed. Fully Compliant with the Federal ESIGN Act , as well as UETA, the law in effect in nearly all states, SIGNiX is easy-to-use while providing the most secure and trusted digital signature solution in the marketplace.

1203 Carter Street, Chattanooga, TN 37402

Contact Brian Winsett

Business Development Executive


423-362-8223, cell 615-438-8335

Human Resource Assistance  

Human Resource Consulting

SESCO is one of the nation's oldest and largest management consulting firms that assists credit unions with human resource and personnel issues and keeping up with the most recent changes in employment related laws.  For one low monthly fee, credit unions can have access to unlimited telephone, fax, and research consultation with Human Resource experts.  On-site visits are also available for review, analysis and professional recommendations on personnel systems, policies, work rules, employee handbooks and compliance with state and federal employment laws.  SESCO provides a free monthly HR publication to League member credit unions.


-Provides peace-of-mind that policies and procedures are up-to-date and in compliance with regulatory authorities
-Free monthly publication providing helpful HR information
-Reduces risk  of lawsuit by taking  guesswork out of handling difficult employee issues
-Saves time be eliminating lengthy research
-Saves money through low-cost monthly fee as opposed to having internal expertise or using other outside consultants

Joel Cullum, Executive VP, Bristol, TN, SESCO,  423-764-4127

Compliance, Auditing & Financial Management  

Shared Compliance Program (through Credit Union Resources, Inc. )

Hired, trained and certified, Credit Union Resources; Shared Compliance Specialists divide their time among assigned credit unions. Services provided include the following:

- Development, management and maintenance of an effective compliance program

- Providing a risk assessment of existing compliance system

- Monitoring and analyzing new and revised laws and regulations

- Training staff and management on current and crucial regulatory issues

For more information, visit www.curesources.coop or call:

Chad Stanislav, VP Financial & Technology Resources


800-442-5762, Ext. 6461


CU PolicyPro

Free to League Members!!!

CU PolicyPro is your one-stop shop for over 200 policies to help your credit union manage today's ongoing compliance and operational challenges.  This program typically retails for $525 per year, but Tennessee credit unions receive access to this valuable product as part of the dues service package your credit union receives for affiliation with the Tennessee Credit Union League. 

CU PolicyPro contains comprehensive policies and regulatory guidance developed and written especially for credit unions by regulatory (legal and financial) experts. CU PolicyPro is also completely customizable to the specific needs of each credit union. Existing credit union policies may easily be imported into the management system. CU PolicyPro uses an overall consistent format for clarity and ease of use, so you can find the information you need when you need it.

Chapters in the manual include:
*  Administrative   

* Operations   

* Accounting       

* Security      

*Asset/Liability Management     

* Investments      

* Other Real Estate Owned           

* Federal Regulations   

* Record Retention 

* Fair Credit Reporting Act (FACTA)    * Lending

Because the laws and regulations that govern your credit union are constantly changing, our Update Service is also included with your manual.  This service provides you with semi-annual policy updates and with a toll-free product support help line to call when you have questions.

Features and Benefits:
* Administrative Flexibility -  A secure website with administrative access unique for each credit union.
* Archival, Versioning & Change History - PolicyPro will help you archive changes when new policies are approved.
* Attach Documents or Files - Storage space where Board members can view policies waiting to be Board reviewed.
* Customizable Templates - Over 200 policy templates with model policy language.   
* Department Grouping - Policies organized by operational department.
* Designed for Federal Regulatory Compliance - Policy templates include standardized federal content.
* Review, Approval, & Publication - Create, review, approve, and read all your documents at any computer.
* Track Changes - Semi-Annual Updates with easily tracked changes.
*  Web Distribution of Policies & Procedures - Your staff can now access your policies anywhere they have access to the Internet.

If you have not already signed up for CU PolicyPro, simply go to the League’s website at www.yourleague.org.   Click on the drop-down box “Compliance & Information Center. ”Then, underneath “CU PolicyPro," click on “Registration” and follow the instructions for submitting your registration form.  After your League membership has been verified, you will receive an e-mail introducing you to the program! 

Trish Patterson, VP Education & Information, TCUL, 800-572-7359, Ext. 1208, or tpatterson@yourleague.org


CD Rate Finder Service                                                                                                                 

QwickRate is the premier online CD rate finder service.  QwickRate helps credit unions earn the highest CD rates on their investments by connecting directly through the marketplace to more than 2,000 institutions nationwide.  Along with higher yields, this service helps your credit union realize significant savings because you will not incur the expense of third party, rate stripping or broker fees.  And, you have access to automated QwickTools ™ that add even more savings by making transactions fast, easy, and paperless.

Zoe Osborn | Account Executive
PH 800.285.8626, ext 4064 | DIR 678.797.4064 |
FAX 770.427.7669 |
zoe.osborn@qwickrate.com | www.qwickrate.com

Services for Your Members  

Overdraft Privilege program

Overdraft privilege is a service that can help members who overdraw their transaction account.  Overdraft privilege is subject to preset dollar limits and certain other conditions.  Your credit union continues to collect the customary fee for each overdraft item, while protecting your members from the credit bureau problems, merchant fees, and potential embarrassment associated with returned checks and ACH items. 

Importantly, by providing a safety net for your members, your credit union may also save them from having to seek extra funds from friends, family, or not so benign sources.  Overdraft privilege offers your members overdraft coverage without a binding obligation between the credit union and the member.  Your organization retains all rights and privileges to pay or return checks.


-easy implementation

-strengthens member satisfaction

-increases fee income to credit union

Larry McQuire, Regional Director, JMFA,901-412-7058, larry.mcquire@jmfa.com

Criss Browning, Director Credit Union Development, Ext. 1251



The Love My Credit Union Rewards TurboTax program offers credit union members great discounts on TurboTax products.

You don't need to be a tax expert to get your taxes done right.

TurboTax® translates taxes into easy questions about your life and puts everything in the right forms for you.

• Maximum refund guaranteed
• 100% accurate calculations guaranteed
• Audit support guaranteed

Criss Browning, Director Credit Union Development, 800-572-7359, Ext. 1251

Visit www.lovemycreditunion.org (CU Support Site)

800-435-2824, Ext. 801


Sprint Program

Of the three programs being offered through the Invest in America program, Sprint offers the greatest income opportunity to credit unions.  Member benefits are available to new and/or existing Sprint/Nextel customers and include:  10% discount on most monthly plans; free activation on new lines and upgrade fees; equipment discounts; and, 20% off accessories.

The program requires little effort - only 4 easy marketing requirements:

1.  Place a sprint insert in one quarterly mailing per year;

2.  Display Sprint take-ones and posters in credit union lobby areas;

3.  Publish approved sprint articles in 2 quarterly newsletters; and

4.  Place Sprint web banner on credit union web site.


-  Increased fee income from the marketing incentive pool

-  Provide added-value to credit union membership

-  Free marketing materials  

Criss Browning, Director Credit Union Development, TCUL, 800-572-7359, Ext. 1251,

Visit www.lovemycreditunion.org (CU Support Site)

800-435-2824, Ext. 801


Love My Credit Union Rewards Program

This program offers discounts to credit union members on "small ticket" products and services from major, well-known companies, such as:  Costco; DIRECTV; FTD Flowers; ADT;; and, Allied Movers.  More businesses are being added to the list on a regular basis.  members are encouraged to use their credit union debit and credit cards to purchase these items.


-  Increased fee income from the marketing incentive pool

-  Provide added-value to credit union membership

-  Free marketing materials

Criss Browning, Director Credit Union Development, TCUL, 800-572-7359, Ext. 1251,

Visit www.lovemycreditunion.org (CU Support Site)

800-435-2824, Ext. 801

CU Road Pal

CU Auto Club is a new Invest in America program created exclusively for credit union members to help them save on a wide range of roadside assistance services and other travel benefits, including: emergency roadside assistance; emergency tow and/or extrication/ emergency lockout; fuel delivery service; flat tire repair reimbursement; emergency ambulance expense; emergency travel expense; traffic court defense; and, legal fees related to traffic accident.


- Provides road protection and savings for your members

- Fee income for credit union

- FREE turnkey marketing materials

- Credit union can offer as an incentive when closing auto loans or when members use your core products and services

Criss Browning, Director Credit Union Development, TCUL, 800-572-7359, Ext. 1251,

Visit www.lovemycreditunion.org (CU Support Site)

800-435-2824, Ext. 801


Construction Consultants

Construction Consultants is a full service design and build firm based in Chattanooga, TN. Their goal is to the take the creative ideas of their clients, combine them with their extensive industry knowledge, and create a building that both can be proud of. They strive to do all this while developing a lasting personal relationship with their clients.

Barry Gilley, Construction Consultants

1416 Fort St., Chattanooga, TN  37402

423-265-4131, Barry@design-and-build.com


Dr. Connection Benefits

Dr. Connection Benefits is a Telemedicine Services Company. Telemedicine is comprised of a national network of U.S. board-certified physicians who use electronic health records, telephone consultations and online video consultations to diagnose, recommend treatment and write short term, non-DEA controlled prescriptions, when appropriate.


Members gain convenient and affordable access to Board Certified doctors when their doctor is not available or after hours, 24/7, 365 days a year. This allows members of any age to conveniently access quality care from their home, work or on-the-go as opposed to more expensive and time-consuming alternatives like the doctor’s office or emergency room.
To ensure high quality physicians, credentials for physicians are conducted every two years.These physicians are also subject to a 10% random audit, which exceeds NCQA standards.

When to use Telemedicine?

• When your Physician is not available
• After hours or whenever you need non-emergency care

• On vacation, or on a business trip

• If you are considering a trip to the ER or Urgent Care Center for non- emergency care

What condition would you use it for?

For non-emergency care such as:
• Cold or Flu

• Sinus Infection

• Allergies
• Respiratory Infection

• Bronchitis

• Pink Eye

• Urinary Tract Infections
• Poison Ivy

Implementation and Support

In most instances, all the human resources needed to implement a successful program are already in place.

Please contact: Criss Browning 800-572-7359, ext. 1251, for information or email: cbrowning@yourleague.org or contact Tom Wallace, Jr., CEO, of Dr Connection Benefits at twallacejr@drconnectionbenefits.com or 877-340-3327








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