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Legislative/Regulatory Forum
February 1-2, 2016



Governmental Affairs


The Tennessee Credit Union League is the representing body for the credit unions of Tennessee before the federal and state legislative bodies. 

The mission of the League's Governemental Affairs department is to stengthen and preserve the credit union movement in Tennessee.


New legislation increases state fee to note a lien

This year, the Tennessee General Assembly passed a law that increases the state fee to note a lien on a vehicle’s certificate of title from $5.50 to $11.

For more information, click here.
  Summer Legislative Meetings  
  Representative Jeremy Durham at Cornerstone Financial Credit Union in Franklin, TN  
  Representative Jeremy Durham at Cornerstone Financial Credit Union in Franklin, TN  
  Senator Todd Gardenhire at Scenic Community Credit Union in Hixson, TN  
  Senator Richard Briggs at ORNL FCU in Farragut, TN  
  Senator Richard Briggs at ORNL FCU in Farragut, TN  

Legislative Regulatory Forum

February 9-10, 2015 - Nashville


Grassroots Action Center

Your League - Your Voice

  League President Fred Robinson and EVP David Wilson visit with House Majority Leader Gerald McCormick during a reception on May 15, 2014 in Chattanooga. Credit unions in Chattanooga and statewide appreciate Leader McCormick's support and interest in Tennessee's credit unions and their 1.6 million members.  


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The Credit Union Legislative Action Council (CULAC) is the federal PAC for the Credit Union National Association (CUNA). CULAC’s purpose, as defined in its Articles of Association, is to "provide the opportunity for individuals interested in the future of the credit union movement to contribute to the support of worthy candidates for federal office who believe, and have demonstrated their belief, in the principles to which the industry is dedicated."

CULAC accomplishes its mission by contributing to and supporting federal candidates and committees that support the Credit Union Movement. It is your continued support and involvement that provides us with the resources to elect credit union advocates to Congress.

Individuals who are associated with the Tennessee Credit Union League and who have signed a Permission Agreement with the league are eligible to participate in CULAC. All contributions to CULAC are strictly voluntary and are not tax deductible for federal income tax purposes.

For more information about CULAC, contact Sheila Franklin at 800-572-7359. ext. 1250 or sfranklin@yourleague.org


Deduct a Buck

As many credit unions that already participate in the Deduct a Buck program can attest, Deduct a Buck offers a number of attractions as a fundraising tool:
o It’s Automatic: once a credit union member has provided initial authorization, no renewal is necessary and a steady stream of revenue for CULAC continues with every quarter/month.
o It’s Painless: having a very small dollar amount automatically deducted every
quarter/month is barely noticeable, and yet adds up over time. If a credit union
member chooses to donate $5 every quarter (four times a year) they will have
contributed $20 over a year’s time. This is a small monetary amount in order to
preserve the services that credit union members rely upon so much.
o It’s Easy to Administer: using the Deduct-a-Buck program designed by CUNA’s
Political Affairs staff, simplifies tracking and reporting contributions for both
credit unions, state leagues and CUNA.
o Best of All, It Will Raise More Money: the ease and efficiency of deduct a buck
will help leagues—and CULAC as a whole—meet and exceed their goals and
continue to grow what is already one of the nation’s largest PACs.


TN State PAC

Credit union can make this contribution up to $250 per quarter.  Use this form to make contributions.


Tennessee General Assembly

The Tennessee General Assembly meets in Nashville each year beginning at noon on the second Tuesday of January. Each General Assembly meets 90 session days over a two-year period. Generally, legislative sessions last from mid-January through late April or May of each year. The General Assembly has 33 Senators and 99 Representatives.



Tennessee Legislative Coverage

The Tennessee General Assembly and the Tennessee Public Television Council
(TPTC) have agreed to provide legislative coverage of the 2013 Legislative
session beginning in January and continuing until its conclusion, estimated to be four months.

The TPTC stations and their locations are: WKNO-TV/Memphis; WLJT-TV/Martin; WNPT-TV/Nashville; WCTE-TV/Cookeville; WTCI-TV/Chattanooga; and East Tennessee Public Television/Knoxville and Sneedville.


Permission Agreement

Credit unions who have signed a Permission Agreement with the league are eligible to participate in CULAC.


Project Zip Code

Project Zip Code (PZC) is a secure program that counts your credit union members and matches them by congressional district, state legislative district and county. These numbers are uploaded to CUNA’s Project Zip Code national database and combined with numbers nationwide. The member totals are then transmitted for use of the PZC national website, www.pzconline.com. This data aids in federal and state advocacy efforts, and is useful to credit unions interested in ATM expansion or shared branching.


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