Deduct-A-Buck LogoAs many credit unions that already participate in the Deduct a Buck program can attest, Deduct a Buck offers a number of attractions as a fundraising tool:

  • It’s Automatic: Once a credit union member has provided initial authorization, no renewal is necessary and a steady stream of revenue for CULAC continues with every quarter/month.
  • It’s Painless: having a very small dollar amount automatically deducted every quarter/month is barely noticeable, and yet adds up over time. If a credit union member chooses to donate $5 every quarter (four times a year) they will have contributed $20 over a year’s time. This is a small monetary amount in order to preserve the services that credit union members rely upon so much.
  • It’s Easy to Administer: using the Deduct-a-Buck program designed by CUNA’s Political Affairs staff, simplifies tracking and reporting contributions for both credit unions, state leagues and CUNA.
  • Best of All, It Will Raise More Money: the ease and efficiency of deduct a buck will help leagues—and CULAC as a whole—meet and exceed their goals and continue to grow what is already one of the nation’s largest PACs.
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