Jul 27 2021


12:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Identity Theft – How It Affects Everyone

A three-part webinar series presented by Confluent Strategies

Identity Theft – How It Affects Everyone – Tuesday, July 27, 10:00am CT
The identity theft webinar will delve into the multiple layers of identity fraud. What are the best practices to implement when opening accounts or extending loans to mitigate ID fraud risk? How can consumers be proactive to prevent becoming a victim of identity theft? This training will benefit all employees who work directly with consumers, view credit reports, manage risk, and those who need additional compliance training concerning the Red Flags Rule.


  • Identity fraud- What is it, and how does it occur?
  • Types of ID theft
  • How lenders can mitigate risk
  • Protection for consumers
  • Synthetic ID Fraud – The new threat
  • Q & A

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