Dec 03 2020

Tennessee Credit Union League Partners with Clarocity and TRGroup to Offer New Valuation Solutions

The Tennessee Credit Union League is excited to announce a new partnership with Clarocity Valuation Services (CVS) and TRGroup. CVS is an established and recognized leader in national technology and valuation services that are backed by an exceptional member borrower experience. CVS has refined the balance of data, technology and modern valuation products and workflow to deliver credible, reliable and proven valuations and appraisals nationwide.

With a focus on solutions that enhance the Member experience, while ensuring a Credit Union’s valuation routines adhere to regulatory guidelines, CVS will continually work with a Credit Union to offer products and services that deal with the challenges that you and your Members face today, including valuations during the pandemic. We incorporate in our partnership an emphasis on industry rules and regulatory guidelines, to ensure that your valuation routines are “right-sized” including best practices that we implement across all segments of our client base.

“We feel that Clarocity provides a suite of products and services, that when combined with their proactive methodology to support and advance valuation procedures, results in a solution that benefits our Credit Union partners and their Members”, said David Griffiths, Chief Revenue Officer for the Tennessee Credit Union League and Director of TRGroup.

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December 3, 2020
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