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How Credit Union Leaders Can Mitigate Risk with Big Data and Machine Learning

By Canh Tran | Co-Founder and CEO | Rippleshot In an era of evolving card fraud threats and data breaches, credit union leaders are constantly looking at ways to protect themselves, and their members. One of the biggest problems credit unions face today is relying on traditional network alerts, which can be costly in terms […]

Lessons Learned for Charitable Giving

With a 127% increase in Charitable Donation Account (CDA) investments in the past year alone, credit unions are seeing the value in a CDA to earn more trust, more loyalty, and possible more towards the bottom line. Take a moment to think how much it would benefit your community, and your credit union, to increase […]

Risks as You Grow: Critical Considerations for the C-Suite

The C-suite plays a critical role in growing your credit union’s assets, employees, product portfolio, and membership reach. But with growth comes more potential for risk and a new level of scrutiny from competitors, members, potential consumers, regulators, fraudsters, and even your employees. Strengthen your risk management posture and create an organizational culture that can […]

Retirement Planning: Credit Unions Can Lead by Example

“You need to save for retirement.” How many times have you heard that, or said that or read that? Retirement planning is one of those omnipresent topics in our industry, precisely because it is so important. National Retirement Security Week (Oct. 15 – 21) was a timely reminder that smart, long-term retirement plans are essential […]

GAP Claims Rise: What to Watch For

Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) provides valuable protection for credit union members by allowing them to cancel the difference between an insurance settlement and their loan balance if their vehicle is stolen or totaled in an accident. However, a “perfect storm” of economic factors and auto trends has converged, increasing the number of total loss declarations […]

Stay Strategic for Stronger Planning

Strategic planning is both an obligation and an opportunity. Credit unions who plan well and execute well are the ones you read about today … growing faster, staying more relevant and becoming financially stronger. What makes one credit union’s plan better than another?  Often, it is about how you plan as much as what you […]

Embrace and Employ the Innovators

Remember being told to “think outside the box”? It used to be such a common phrase; asking you to forget the norm and imagine greater possibilities. Throw a curveball. No idea’s a bad idea. Blue sky thinking. When a group of college students visited CUNA Mutual Group earlier this month, it occurred to me just how obsolete […]

Spam, Shams, and Other Scams

Scams, scams…go away! Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Spam, shams, and other scams are on the rise. Fraudsters use clever schemes to defraud millions of people for billions of dollars every year. In fact, 27 million Americans lost a total of $7.4 billion dollars to telephone scams alone in 2015, according to a survey by […]

5 Reasons to Make Convenience a Strategic Priority

Consumer demand for convenience is impacting the customer experience like never before. As one credit union representative put it in this short video, “technology has spoiled us completely. Everything’s about accessibility, being convenient.” With January’s credit union trends report projecting loan growth in 2017 to exceed 10 percent, credit unions have a huge opportunity ahead […]

Supplemental Benefits Provide Competitive Edge in Retention/Recruiting

SERPs are a valuable tool to help retain and attract talented leaders In an environment where 63% of companies report that employee retention is their top concern, a talented leadership team is critical to keep on board. Retaining high-performing credit union executives could rest on whether you can provide them a more comfortable retirement. There […]