Supervisory Committee Academy

Comprehensive Supervisory Committee Certification Course

The Tennessee Credit Union League is thrilled to partner with Synergy Credit Union Consulting and its founder Ancin Cooley to launch our online on-demand certification program.

This program is designed to be Comprehensive, Engaging, Effective and a Fun way to learn everything you need to successfully execute your Supervisory Committee duties.

This is much more than a standard webinar series.  This online learning platform presents the information in recorded video format – just like if you were sitting in a conference with Ancin, but taken on your time line to best fit your busy schedule.

This certification series includes a total of 7 modules (5 of which are comprised of instructional material) while the other 2 contain a course overview with student instruction and wrap up module containing instructor follow up access information and additional resources.

The 5 instructional modules are listed below:

Your Role as a

1. Supervisory Committee Member

2. Understanding Your Audit Universe

3. The month-to-month work expected of the Supervisory Committee

4. The Supervisory Chair Role and it’s Responsibilities

5. Deep Dive: Understanding your Audit Reports

Each module contains multiple short and easy-to-comprehend video units; printable key definitions and takeaways; a quiz; and a bonus video containing instructor insight – which is a quick, informal, conversational summary and some parting wisdom from Ancin.   

Upon completion, each online student will receive a certificate suitable for framing from TCUL and Synergy Credit Union Consulting and certification will remain valid for 3 years.

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