Our Team

Phone: 423-899-2425 or 800-572-7359


Fred Robinson 
President and CEO

(Ext 1200)

Sherry Martinez 
Executive  Assistant

(Ext 1200)


Sarah Waters, CUDE
Chief Advocacy Officer

(Ext 1212)

Matt Coniglio 
Director Advocacy

(Ext 1201)

Communications & Events

Kim Bohannon, BSACS, CUCE 
Chief Innovation Officer

(Ext 1208)

Caroline Bays, CUDE, CCUFC
Member Engagement Coordinator

(Ext 1211)

Jessica McCosh, APR
Communications Specialist


Kim Bohannon, BSACS, CUCE 

(Ext 1208)


Cynthia Dunn, CUHRCP, CB
Vice President Finance and Administration

(Ext 1204)

Teresa Kennedy
Financial Assistant

(Ext 1213)

Information Technology

Zack Czengoldi 
Director of Information Technology

(Ext 1202)


David Griffiths 
Chief Revenue Officer

(Ext 1215)

Criss Browning 
Director Business Development

(Ext 1251)

Leisa Massingill 
Shared Branch Manager

(Ext 1209)