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Leadership Development ​

Young Professional Network

Being a credit union professional carries with it a unique set of responsibilities. Unlike for-profit banks, which use people to make money, credit unions use money to help people. In order to defend our unique, not-for-profit cooperative structure, it is essential that credit union professionals are actively engaged in their local communities.


We have tons of passion and enthusiasm, but sometimes we check it at the back door whenever we arrive at work. The Young Professionals Network is focused on channeling youthful energy into productive and efficient work output.


Banking is like bread, milk, and eggs: a commodity. There are new forces in our industry creating change and threatening to capture our markets. Tennessee’s Young Professional Network intends to capture the innovative thought of rising stars and allow statewide credit unions to share the benefit.


In the social age of online networking, making meaningful connections can sometimes feel impossible. Do you know even half of your Facebook friends or Linkedin connections? The YP Network is driven by a desire to forge meaningful ties between young professionals.

To join the Tennessee YP Network please contact

Coaching and Development


TalentGuided focuses on business coaching and executive coaching. These experiences, when done well, provide noticeable ROI and can significantly change you and your organization for the better. We offer six, eight, and twelve session packages. Each session can be a maximum of 60 mins with your coach.

As a coachee, you’re in the driver’s seat. You choose your coach. You customize your experience. You set the benchmarks for program success.

To best prepare for this worthwhile experience, make sure you and your organization have:

  • Identified key employees and executives to participate in the program;
  • Made sure potential coachees have a sponsor to vouch for their participation;
  • Reviewed our selection of coaches to identify at least three that may be the right fit for your needs.