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Tennessee League Visits D.C. Ahead of GAC

Your League was in Washington, D.C., yesterday meeting with the Tennessee delegation on issues facing credit unions on the national level. We discussed the Credit Card Competition Act and the potential hearing on the bill on April 9 in the Senate Judiciary Committee. Last week, Sens. Josh Hawley (R-MO) and Jack Reed (D-RI) announced they […]

League Encourages Credit Unions to Run Project Zip Code

Each year, we plan visits to our Congressional offices when we attend the Governmental Affairs Conference. One of the most powerful things we can discuss with our lawmakers is the number of credit union members in their congressional district. We need your help! Even if you aren’t attending GAC, you can make a big impact […]

Annual Legislative and Regulatory Forum Recap

The Tennessee Credit Union League hosted its Annual Legislative and Regulatory Forum on Monday, Jan. 29, and Tuesday, Jan. 30, at the historic Hermitage Hotel in Nashville, just minutes from the Tennessee State Capitol. Attendees heard from a wide range of speakers at the 2024 Legislative and Regulatory Forum. We kicked off the event by […]

2024 Legislative Year Opens

We’re officially off to the races in the 2024 legislative year! This is sure to be a full and interesting year with election season fully upon us. Your League’s Advocacy Team is in Nashville and Washington fighting for you and your members daily. Here’s what we’re expecting as the legislators come back to town. State […]

Applications Open to CRASH the GAC 2024

Kameran Laux, holding sign, was Tennessee's 2023 GAC crasher. Here she stands with US Community Credit Union leaders and volunteer board members during a Hike the Hill session.

The Cooperative Trust is now accepting applications for its popular CRASH the GAC program. It’s an opportunity for emerging leaders to deepen their connection to the credit union mission at the Governmental Affairs Conference, the industry’s largest advocacy event of the year. The Governmental Affairs Conference is the industry’s opportunity to highlight the meaningful work […]

U.S. House Votes to Oust Speaker McCarthy

In a historic vote, the U.S. House of Representatives voted to “Vacate the Chair” and oust Speaker McCarthy, a move that’s been tried a few times in history, but never succeeded until now. Because this is the first time this has ever happened, there’s some uncertainty surrounding the powers that “Speaker Pro Tem” Patrick McHenry […]

Tennessee Credit Unions Travel to D.C. to Advocate That Interchange Works

Tennessee credit union leaders are in D.C. this week meeting with the entire Tennessee delegation to let them know that interchange works.  Consumers can access immediate credit, merchants receive guaranteed payments and financial institutions provide a safe and secure product. The Credit Card Competition Act of 2023 (CCCA) will limit financial services access, increase fraud […]

Interchange is the Cost of Accepting Credit Cards

As we wrap up the August District Work Period, the Credit Card Competition Act of 2023 (CCCA) seems to still be the main focus! We know that convenience stores and other retailers are ramping up their grassroots efforts to get the CCCA passed, we have to do our part to stop it. We are expecting […]