Tennessee Credit Unions Travel to D.C. to Advocate That Interchange Works

Tennessee credit union leaders are in D.C. this week meeting with the entire Tennessee delegation to let them know that interchange works.  Consumers can access immediate credit, merchants receive guaranteed payments and financial institutions provide a safe and secure product. The Credit Card Competition Act of 2023 (CCCA) will limit financial services access, increase fraud […]

Interchange is the Cost of Accepting Credit Cards

As we wrap up the August District Work Period, the Credit Card Competition Act of 2023 (CCCA) seems to still be the main focus! We know that convenience stores and other retailers are ramping up their grassroots efforts to get the CCCA passed, we have to do our part to stop it. We are expecting […]

Credit Unions Advocate for Members During Congressional Recess

August signals back-to-school time for many children and families. For representatives in Congress, the month is about going back to their districts to hear from their constituents. These personal meetings are some of the most effective means of political communication. The in-district connections play a vital role in building relationships with lawmakers who make decisions […]

Big Box Bill to Negatively Impact Consumers

Today, consumers across the country rely on credit cards to make purchases. The proposed Credit Card Competition Act (S. 1838/H.R. 3881) threatens card security and credit unions’ ability to provide member services—including the ability to offer credit cards.  Watch this video to learn more about how the Big Box Bill will negatively impact consumers.

Advocacy Update

Interchange continues to be topic number one on the advocacy front. The restaurants were in Washington last week, beating the drum for the need for the Credit Card Competition Act (CCCA). Your League and CUNA sent a letter [PDF] to the Hill detailing the problems with this legislation and the harm it will do to […]

Ways to Take Action to Protect Interchange

With the CUNA-League System, we are continuously advocating for credit unions and credit union members. We are diligently working to oppose the proposed Credit Card Competition Act, but new groups are in Washington each week promoting it. This week the restaurant industry is in town advocating that consumers will be able to save money with […]

League Presents TriStar Advocacy Awards

This year, the Tennessee Credit Union League introduced three new advocacy-themed awards in conjunction with our TriStar Advocacy Program. The TriStar Advocacy program emphasizes the importance of advocacy and for all credit unions and credit union members to be involved in all aspects of advocacy. The three awards, which will be given out annually, are—TriStar […]

Helping to Keep Tennessee Credit Union Members Top of Mind Among Lawmakers

US Capitol

Sarah Waters, chief advocacy officer, was in D.C. last week for the NCUA board meeting and meetings with the Tennessee delegation. Here’s a recap of the visit!  Visiting our nation’s capital is something that will never grow old to me. Seeing the U.S. Capitol first thing in the morning is a great start to the […]