CU-PolicyPro_largeNo more having to read between the lines with your credit union’s operation policies. CU PolicyPro is designed so you can customize and implement policies that are unique to your credit union. Plus, your existing policies can be added into the system as well.

League InfoSight’s CU PolicyPro and its Operations Policy Manual include nearly 200 comprehensive policies developed and written specifically for credit unions by regulatory experts. It’s formatted to be consistent and easy-to-use.

With laws and regulations seeming to change almost overnight, League InfoSight includes an Update Service, providing monthly operations newsletters and semi-annual policy updates.

Designed so you can customize and implement policies that are unique to your credit union. Plus, your existing policies can be added into the system as well. Users are added and deleted by an administrator at your credit union. If that person is not available, contact your league’s Information Center.

To log in, click the button below. Enter your user name and password. If you have forgotten your password, click on the link to the left of the login area labeled “I Forgot My Password”.

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Technical Support

Technical support is provided by the staff at CU Solutions Group. If you have questions or need assistance, please email or call 800-262-6285 x310.

Adding Additional Users

At each credit union, a staff member is assigned as the “Primary Admin”. Users are added and deleted by the Primary Admin at your credit union. The Primary Admin designation is used in the event that additional staff from your credit union request access to your CU PolicyPro implementation—we will direct these staff members to you to gain access. If you wish to designate another person as the primary admin, please contact for assistance.

As an admin, you have the ability to set up additional users such as other credit union staff members, board of directors, legal counsel, examiners, etc. You can choose from various levels of access, from read-only to full admin access. We recommend setting up at least one other admin level user. The ADMINISTRATION segment of New User Training will walk you through how to set up additional users. We recommend that you provide the link to the support site ( ) to any users from your credit union that will be editing policies.

Distribution List

Periodically you will receive information including a monthly newsletter, information regarding training, content updates, and other information about the CU PolicyPro manual. Primary Admins have been added to the distribution list and will receive this information. Please note that adding additional users to your system will not automatically add them to the distribution list. If you’d like to add additional contacts to the distribution list, please email and include their name, title, and email address.

CU PolicyPro Registration and Agreement

  • This registration form sends a requuest to create a unique manual for each individual credit union affiliated with the Tennessee Credit Union League. Only one registration may be submitted per credit union to create this unique policy manual. If you are not sure if your credit union has already been set up with a policy manual, please contact Cynthia Dunn at

    Each credit union should choose one administrator to oversee the credit union's policy management. Once the administrator has been chosen then proceed to complete this registration form. Additional staff may be added as "users" after the administrator has been assigned and the policy manual has been created.
  • Please print and read the User Agreement provided here prior to submitting this form.

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