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About HR Suite

HR Suite from HR Performance Solutions is a total human resource compliance solution for your company. It’s a centrally-administered, customizable online company Policy Manual and Employee Handbook, plus a collection of HR management tools including an entire library of federally compliant HR forms. HR Suite enables you to keep up with constantly changing HR compliance requirements and lets you manage your business while leaving HR compliance documentation issues and research to our experts.  HR Suite not only includes the model policy content, but a full policy management system that lets you customize any model policy to fit your organization’s individual operations. Your existing polices can also be added to and maintained within the system. HR Suite’s publishing tool lets you compile multiple policies into one printable document can be posted in read-only format for managers or staff to view.

Benefits of HR Suite

HR Suite is much more than just a surprisingly affordable policy manual and employee handbook – it’s a resource, HR expert, training tool and a way to stay informed of ever-changing HR requirements. It includes:

  • A completely developed Policy Manual for managers and supervisors
  • An Employee Handbook written in everyday language
  • Over 200 Forms & Tools that provide quick solutions and answers to your questions
  • Annual Updates to ensure your policies and practices are current

HR Suite comes in a ready-to-use, easily customized format that’ll save you hours of work and expensive lawyers’ fees. HR Performance Solutions not only provides you with the best policies and resources on the market, we also keep you up-to-date with HR issues. Our staff constantly tracks legal and human resource trends, making sure you’re on the cutting edge of the HR world. And because we know accuracy is so important, each component of HR Suite is researched and written by employment law experts.


HR Suite is everything your HR team needs to keep up with a rapidly changing and expanding field.

  • Secure, Web-based Platform. Authorized staff can securely access, view, print and update policies from any Internet connection at any time.
  • Complete Solution. Its more than 150 model policy templates can be easily edited to reflect each organization’s specific operations. Policies unique to the organization can also be added and maintained within the system. The policy management tools are robust yet easy to use, allowing easy maintenance of policies all in one place.
  • Publishing. The publishing tool allows selected policies to be compiled into one printable document that can be posted in read-only format on the site for staff and managers to view.
  • User Security. Set different levels of access for staff ranging from full administrative access to read-only access.
  • Training. Video training is available on demand, so you can easily learn how to use the system on your own schedule. A comprehensive user’s guide provides written step-by-step instruction on how to most efficiently use all of HR Suite’s features.
  • Support. The CU Solutions Group staff is available to assist with technical support, questions related to content or general best practices and tips for using the manual.

Policy Manual & Employee Handbook

Policy Manual

The Policy Manual is a comprehensive guide written for managers and supervisors. It’s designed to guide and structure your managers’ actions to ensure consistency and describe the company’s HR policies in some detail. These manuals should be distributed to the HR department, managers and supervisors only.

Policy Manual Sections and Customization

The Policy Manual has over 80 comprehensive policies with HR Performance Solutions having identified the core policies most organizations need. Policies unique to your organization can be added as well. We’ve also identified key areas that require company-specific information, such as number of sick days and holidays. A Key Fields Guide walks you through customization.

Manual section headings include:

  • Introduction
  • General Management Practices
  • Employment Status and Personnel Records
  • Hiring Issues
  • Employment Practices
  • Employee Responsibilities
  • Compensation And Benefits
  • Time Off
  • Expenses And Reimbursement

Employee Handbook

The Employee Handbook is shorter and simpler than the Policy Manual and summarizes the key policies to distribute to your employees.

Updates, Newsletters, Forms and Tools

Annual Updates

HR Performance Solutions continually monitors any changes in HR legal requirements and practices. New policies, forms, and tools are added and revisions to existing text are made to HR Suite each year as legal or regulatory changes dictate.

Forms & Tools

A unique part of HR Suite’s Forms & Tools is its collection of more than 200 HR forms and resources to help you manage your day-today HR functions. It’s also an information and training resource and promotes legal compliance.

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