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Jack Daniel Employees’ Credit Union Hosts Community Blood Drive 

Jack Daniel Employees’ Credit Union has proudly partnered with Blood Assurance, the community blood center, as a way to give back to its local community.

“Over the years several members have been touched in some way by the resources of Blood Assurance,” said Pam Case, president and CEO of Jack Daniel Employees’ Credit Union. “Some include cancer patients who need those resources to heal their bodies to accept the much-needed cancer treatment. Other instances have been automobile accidents or unexpected injuries that the gift of a donation could be the difference in life and death with very little warning. For 2023, we have three scheduled drives with Blood Assurance.”

When the drive is completed, Blood Assurance sends a summary of the event.

Pam said, “After our April drive, I received the following statement, ‘At the blood drive on 4.20.23, we received one double red cell donation and fourteen whole blood donations. At the end of the drive, we received sixteen units of blood. Jack Daniel ECU helped save 48 lives!’ That statement makes me so proud of the support of our membership in our small town during a short window of time.”

Credit union employees encourage members to sign up for the drives and some are able to participate themselves.

For some, it’s personal like Christy Dorsett, Jack Daniel Employees’ Credit Union employee.

“I choose to participate in donating blood to help others in need,” said Christy. “My mom received blood when she went through cancer treatments and other health issues and for that my family and I were always thankful for the people that donated to help people like her.”

Dawn Sullenger, Jack Daniel Employees’ Credit Union employee, chooses to donate because her blood type is rare and she can make that life-giving donation that helps someone in desperate need.

Jack Daniel Employees’ Credit Union has supported Blood Assurance by hosting community blood drives for more than a decade. They hope to continue for as long as there is a need.

Photo Caption
Jack Daniel Employees’ Credit Union employees, seated from left, Christy Dorsett and Dawn Sullenger donate at Wednesday’s blood drive.

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