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League InfoSight Announces ComplySight Enhancement

League InfoSight, a collaborative effort of 15 credit union leagues/associations and the Credit Union National Association (CUNA), announced today that it has added the ability to log and manage complaints to ComplySight, its self-assessment tool credit unions can use to grade themselves on compliance with federal regulations.

This enhancement, added with no extra fee for users, reinforces the organization’s ongoing effort to provide effective and affordable compliance products to credit unions.

“Our goal is to continually enhance our products to be best-in-class, making sure we are keeping pace with credit unions’ compliance needs,” said League InfoSight CEO Glory LeDu. “Adding the ability to log, assign and store complaints within ComplySight adds even more value to a sophisticated, cost-effective tool that assists credit unions in maintaining an effective compliance management system — something regulators expect.”

Along with its new capacity to maintain and store complaints, ComplySight allows credit unions to attach and store documents that evidence compliance, assign potential deficiencies or compliance reviews to relevant employees and receive alerts for new or revised regulations. The cost for ComplySight is based on a credit union’s asset size.

“ComplySight was designed to be versatile with multiple access levels and consulting so credit unions can customize, utilize and create the system based on their individual needs and relevant products/services,” added LeDu.

ComplySight consulting is available for credit unions who are interested in a full-service model, want a third-party review or who don’t have the resources or capacity to conduct regulatory reviews in-house.
Credit unions interested in learning more about ComplySight, or would like to take advantage of a 30-day free trial, should contact their league or visit the ComplySight page on the League InfoSight website at

League InfoSight’s mission is to create common purpose, partner alignment and collaborative solutions that drive CUNA/league system success in value creation for member credit unions, with a focus on regulatory compliance solutions. The company has been successful in its mission with almost 4,000 credit unions nationally using one or more of its products: CU PolicyPro, InfoSight and ComplySight.

The company was created by the Florida (now League of Southeastern Credit Unions), Georgia, Michigan, Ohio and Texas (now Cornerstone) Credit Union Leagues in January 2003. Since then, the California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues, Cooperative Credit Union Association, Illinois Credit Union League, Iowa Credit Union League, New Jersey Credit Union League, Mountain West Credit Union Association, New York Credit Union Association, Pennsylvania Credit Union Association, MD/DC Credit Union Association and the Northwest Credit Union Association have taken ownership positions with League InfoSight, and represent the company’s board of directors along with CUNA.
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