2023: A Big Year For Tech, In An Unexpected Way

This year is threatening to be a challenging time for the planet. It is expected to be one of the hottest years on record. And while the world deals with the growing climate refugee issue, the uncertainty produced by the COVID 19 pandemic, massive supply chain disruptions and the Ukraine crisis all have combined to […]

The Globalized Threat of Ransomware and What Your Organization Can Do to Combat It

How to Prevent RansomwareWith state-run banks and military agencies being targeted, the recent Russian-led attacks in Ukraine have brought the issue of cybersecurity to the forefront, exposing vulnerabilities at the highest levels. As a result, multiple government cybersecurity agencies have released notices to the financial sector to strengthen cyber defenses in anticipation of broader cyberattacks […]

Advantages of Credit Union Credit Cards for Members

Phil Seely, Envisant A credit union’s role to nurture member’s financial well-being is of the utmost importance in recent years. Providing products and services that meet all member needs, creating opportunities for financial education, keeping rates low, and value high – it can all feel like a huge task. There are many products and services […]

Is Shared Branching Your Credit Union’s Next Branch?

shared branching

Does your credit union have members in areas your branches do not reach?  Do you lose members because someone in the family is transferred to another city or another state and you have no locations there to serve your members at an in-branch location?  Do your auditors tell you that you need a way for […]

Accelerating Transformation & Automation in Lending with AI

Please join us for a webinar as Jaynel Christensen, VP of Lending for Commonwealth Credit Union, will share how Zest AI helped them achieve faster loan approvals for more members with no added risk.   Curtis Wagner, Director of Client Services, Zest AI, will explain how AI can help credit union lenders get more loans […]

An Engagement Strategy to Grow Your  Cardholder Portfolio

As a financial institution, you’re in a position that companies in other industries envy. You offer cardholders a product they use several times in one day or week. Each time they engage with your card, you access new insights that help you better understand your cardholders’  behaviors and preferences. When you apply those insights to […]

Helping Credit Union Members Enjoy Summer of 2021

Last summer we experienced a priority shift that led many of our credit union members to a simple realization: they don’t have to go too far to have fun in the summer. Life in quarantine created the opportunity for at-home adventures by picking up old hobbies and developing new talents. Puzzles, painting, and backyard movie […]

Tennessee Credit Union League partners with LemonadeLXP to Help Credit Unions Upskill Remote and On-site Staff

The Tennessee Credit Union League has partnered with LemonadeLXP, the learning experience and digital adoption platform for credit unions, to help its member organizations upskill staff and improve their member experiences. Built specifically for financial institutions, LemonadeLXP uses a combination of game-based microlearning, technology walkthroughs, and role-play scenarios to create engaging learning experiences, and drives […]