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District 7 meeting with Congressman Mark Green's office.

Credit Union Professionals Advocate for the Financial Well-Being of Tennesseans 

CUNA’s Governmental Affairs Conference in Washington, D.C. is the biggest credit union event of the year. The week is jam-packed with educational sessions, networking events with credit union colleagues from across the nation and advocacy visits with state legislators.

More than 80 Tennessee credit union leaders attended the record-breaking group of nearly 6,000 GAC 2023 attendees in early March. Tennessee group started the Wednesday Hike the Hill Day by meeting with Senators Blackburn and Hagerty. Credit union groups met with the offices of the entire Tennessee Congressional Delegation. While on the Hill, the group presented Congressman Rose with the Federal Legislator of the Year Award.

At the end of our Hike the Hill visits, Van Hilleary, former Congressman for Tennessee’s 4th District from 1995 to 2003 and who works as the chief of staff for Congressman Rose, gave several Tennessee attendees an incredible, detailed tour of the U.S. Capitol.

“GAC is democracy in action. It allows us the opportunity to speak with the people we elect to represent us and educate them on a movement which makes a real difference in the lives of all Americans.

I always enjoy Hiking the Hill for the reason stated above. The “aha” moment for me was hearing how the CFPB is currently funded. While technically, Sarah or Fred shared that on the prep call, Rep. John Rose shared it with us and it’s a story which must be made known.

To those who could not attend, I would remind them of something a close friend told me years ago: People do what they want to do. If you were unable to attend this year, adjust your schedule for next year and make sure you want to go to GAC.”

Mark T. Fraker
Chief Executive Officer
Chattanooga Federal Employees Credit Union

“Crashing the GAC is an experience I will always cherish. The people I met, and the information consumed, greatly enriched my life and career in the credit union movement.

I most enjoyed listening to the stories shared by keynote speaker, Condoleezza Rice. Her stories left me feeling inspired to work twice as hard to serve our members and communities in the face of regulations that may threaten our ability to serve and build financial wellness.”

Kameran Laux, CCUIP
Senior AVP of Finance
US Community Credit Union
Tennessee GAC Crasher

“I gained much more from attending GAC than I ever thought possible. It truly made me feel like a valuable part of the greater credit union movement. It highlighted how my work through our credit union advances communities and brings financial well-being to all.”

Wes Trundle
Director of Marketing/Business Development
Heritage South Community Credit Union
First-Time GAC Attendee

Next Steps
If you are interested in learning more about how you can better advocate for the financial well-being of your members:

Share a member story on Advancing Tennessee Communities to let our lawmakers know the impact credit unions are having on the lives of Tennesseans.
Attend the League’s Annual Convention & Expo to network and collaborate with Tennessee credit union professionals.
• Contact the League with questions about how you can grow your advocacy efforts.

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