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International Credit Union Day

One in Three Americans Belongs to a Credit Union

In celebration of International Credit Union Day next week, we wanted to take a moment to highlight the amazing number of credit union members.

More than 2.4 Million Members in Tennessee
More than 2.4 million Tennesseans are credit union members at 139 credit unions.

More than 130 Million Members In America
CUNA estimates there are more than 130 million Americans are credit union members. That’s one in three people in America belongs to a credit union, and 44% of all registered voters are credit union members.

More than 375 Million Members in the World
The World Council of Credit Unions, headquartered in Madison, Wis., reports there are 86,451 credit unions across the globe with 375 million members in 118 countries.

Celebrating Members with International Credit Union Day
Credit unions and financial cooperatives from around the world have been celebrating the credit union movement on the third Thursday of October since 1948! During the awareness day, we reflect upon the credit union movement’s history, promote its achievements, recognize hard work and share member experiences.

The ultimate goal is to raise awareness about the tremendous work that credit unions and other financial cooperatives are doing around the world and give members the opportunity to get more engaged. The day of festivities for credit unions and financial cooperatives globally includes fundraisers, open houses, contests, picnics, volunteering and parades.

How is Your Credit Union Celebrating?
Let us know how you are celebrating International Credit Union Day! Email us at

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