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Make Claims A Key Piece Of Your Digital Strategy

By: Jamie Ludwig A digital strategy needs to incorporate all aspects of the member experience. It’s critical that pain points be addressed throughout all interactions, as the weakest touch point is often the one most remembered. In the Lending process, much time, attention and detail is devoted to the application process, while the critical post-sale […]

Life after COVID-19; Proactive Loss Mitigation Strategies for your Loan Portfolio

By James Bullard, Senior Risk Consultant, CUNA Mutual Group Over the past two to three months, credit unions have certainly faced unprecedented times. In fact, if you’re like many; you are probably ready to move on. Through this time, credit unions had to: Transition a large percentage of employees to remote working arrangements Close lobby […]

Data Privacy and Credit Unions: What to Expect in 2020

In a changing digital world, many consumers continually weigh convenience and customized experiences with the privacy of their personal information. Consumers become accustomed to perks like scanning their loyalty card for an extra five dollars off, seeing an ad or coupon that fits their needs, enjoying faster searching, or matching a weather report with their […]

BOLI: An Alternative Way to Fund Benefits

What if your credit union could take advantage of a product that offered expanded investment choices and a competitive, consistent yield with strong crediting rate guarantees? Then, what if you could use the potential income you earned from it to offset and recover expenses of employee benefits programs? It’s not too good to be true. […]

Not Having Flood Insurance Can Leave Credit Unions and Members Underwater

According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, flooding is the most frequent and costliest natural disaster in the United States. Despite this, and frightening statistics such as the fact that as little as one inch of water in an average-sized residence can cause more than $25,000 in damage, people outside Special Flood Hazard Areas are […]

Beyond IT: How to Create an Organization-wide Cybersecurity Culture

Use awareness and training to make cybersecurity part of your culture. By Carlos Molina, Risk Management Consultant Employees may unintentionally cause data breaches by clicking on a phishing email or inadvertently downloading a malicious document or access a link on their work computer that allows hackers access to your system. Faced with such challenges, credit […]

Five Economic Indicators Every Credit Union Should Track

This year is off to a strong start. Despite the market roller coaster that ended 2018, we continue to see strong jobs numbers, low unemployment rates, and high consumer confidence. As we monitor how our economy performs in 2019 and into 2020, it is important to remain watchful on a few indicators that provide insight […]

Swift Response Helps Credit Unions’ Road to Recovery After Natural Disasters

The United States experienced catastrophic natural disasters during the Fall of 2018. From Hurricane Florence that hit the Carolinas and East Coast in September, Hurricane Michael a month later hitting the Florida panhandle, and the California wildfires in November, many Americans lost their homes and are faced with starting over. As images, videos and stories […]

The “Whole Story” of Retirement: Making Retirement Planning a Year-Round Commitment

By now, you’ve probably heard the shocking numbers behind the retirement crisis. One-third of Americans have $1,000 or less saved for retirement, and nearly one in two Americans anticipate they will not have enough money to retire.  Luckily, retirement education and planning are now receiving much stronger government support. The National Association of Government Defined […]

TN Credit Unions Visit CUNA Mutual Group Exchange Center in Madison

CUNA Mutual Group recently invited several Tennessee credit unions and your League to visit their Exchange Center in Madison, Wisconsin. Tish Turner from CUNA Mutual was our host and event coordinator. Tish and the CUNA Mutual team put together a program that gave attendees a broader perspective and more in-depth understanding of CUNA Mutual Group’s many […]