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TN Credit Unions Visit CUNA Mutual Group Exchange Center in Madison

CUNA Mutual Group recently invited several Tennessee credit unions and your League to visit their Exchange Center in Madison, Wisconsin. Tish Turner from CUNA Mutual was our host and event coordinator. Tish and the CUNA Mutual team put together a program that gave attendees a broader perspective and more in-depth understanding of CUNA Mutual Group’s many offerings for credit unions.

We met with department heads and senior leadership and gained insight into the vision of the company moving forward. The Credit Union Exchange event impressed attendees and proved to be a valuable trip for all.

Attendees pictured from left to right:

Tish Turner – CUNA Mutual Group
Stephanie Schultz – CUNA Mutual Group
Spencer Smith – Cornerstone Financial Credit Union
Geraldine Cardwell– Tennessee Credit Union League
Allison  Anderson – Clinchfield Federal Credit Union
Clarissa Lane – Clinchfield Federal Credit Union
Kristin Schuh – Cornerstone Financial Credit Union
Kristi Amick – CUNA Mutual Group
Dale Jorgensen – Cornerstone Financial Credit Union
Kendall Foster – Scenic Community Credit Union
Fred Robinson – Tennessee Credit Union League

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