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Be Ready for Vacation Time – Offer Visa’s TravelMoney Debit Card to Your Members

Visa TravelMoney prepaid debit cards carry the Visa logo on the front of the card, are instant issue cards and your members can add value to the card at any time. In addition to the 20 million Visa locations worldwide where the cards are accepted, the Visa TravelMoney reloadable debit cards also work at ATMs and merchants anywhere your members see the Plus or Pulse (pinned based POS) networks. Your members can also do surcharge free transactions anywhere they see the CO-OP surcharge free network.

Here are some additional advantages of offering Visa TravelMoney Debit Cards to your members:

  • There is no liability for fraudulent activity*-VISA Zero Liability applies
  • Visa TravelMoney debit cards will help retain and attract new members
  • Cards are not directly linked to member’s savings or share draft accounts
  • EMV Card features built-in chip technology
  • Eliminates paper-based travelers checks
  • Provides an entry point to sell other card products and services
  • Minimum load of $100, maximum daily load limit $2500 online or $5000 at CU
  • Members have free unlimited access to the cardholder website to check balances

Here are some benefits to your credit union:

  • Provides additional one-time revenue for your credit union
  • Provides a competitive advantage and cross-selling opportunities
  • Strengthens existing relationships with your members
  • Ease of operation of the program, no software or hardware requirements
  • You choose the quantity of cards you want to order
  • 24 month card expiration date on the traditional mag stripe card
  • 36 month card expiration date on the EMV card

For more information on this program, please contact Criss Browning, Director Business Development, at or call 800-572-7359, ext. 1251.

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