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Scenic Community Credit Union hosts leadership development.

Celebrating Presidents’ Day with Leadership Development

With multiple locations and varying shift hours, it can be challenging for credit union employees to gather. Credit unions are solving this issue by creatively using federal holidays for in-person leadership development sessions.

The day is a credit union peep rally of sorts and is an opportunity for all employees to gather to hear credit union news, celebrate the past year’s accomplishments and network with each other. And on top of all that, most credit unions offer employees a floating holiday!

Scenic Community Credit Union

“This year Scenic Community Credit Union held our All-Staff Training Day at the Tennessee Aquarium,” said Jourdan Reyes, marketing specialist at Scenic Community Credit Union in Chattanooga. “We had Scott Quatro as our guest speaker who focused in on TEAM and how our collaboration as a team can help us grow and better our services to our members.”

The day was also an opportunity to review credit union procedures.

“We reviewed our mission statement and core values with CEO Kendall Foster, employee benefits with CFO Julie Raines, security with Compliance Officer Tami Powroznik,” said Reyes. “We also reviewed some of our products and services with COO Brenda Edwards, and marketing with Jourdan Reyes. We also discussed the benefits of change and innovation in the credit union and how we are moving forward in today’s technology. We enjoyed lunch at Puckett’s and had a competition scavenger hunt through the Tennessee Aquarium. Our staff was truly engaged in this year’s event and we are excited to see what 2023 has to come for SCCU team!”

Leaders Credit Union

Leaders Credit Union, headquartered in Jackson, held their annual all-employee Champion Summit on Presidents’ Day.

“Our Champion Summit is a time for our financial champions to come together to grow, learn and have fellowship with each other,” said Todd Swims, president and CEO at Leaders Credit Union. “We hold this day sacred and one we cherish because it allows us to get to know each other on a deeper level, share ideas and learn how to serve our members better. Throughout the day, we were inspired by our guest speaker, David Avrin; we enjoyed a fascinating conversation with our executive team through our live podcast; we hosted a fashion show to show off our new merch; we participated in fun team-building activities and received feedback from the ones we want to hear from most, the ones who work within Leaders every day. We are grateful for our team and continue to be inspired year after year.”

Tennessee Valley Federal Credit Union

Tennessee Valley Federal Credit Union, headquartered in Chattanooga, also hosted their annual All-Staff event on Presidents’ Day.

“The event was held at the Colonnade in Ringgold, which was filled to the brim with the credit union’s now 500+ employees,” said Kim Gunter, vice president of marketing at TVFCU. “Everyone was energized and ready to learn what was in store for 2023! The theme of the training event was tvfcYOU! – it was all about each individual contributor to the credit union’s many successes and highlighted how important each team member will be as we head into exciting developments in 2023. Every employee got their chance to shine as each department provided a 30-second reel-style video of what they are most proud of from 2022. The afternoon was full of forward-looking training captured in television-themed videos from Senior Staff, including the Weather Report from Business Services (It’s raining money everywhere in 2023 as the Idea Leap Grant moves into three competitions and over $175,000 dollars!), the baking show Baking the Perfect Brand illustrated all the ingredients that are combined to present Mr. P and the rest of the gang at TVFCU as A Place for All of Us, and we even had special guest appearances from Chip and Joanna Gaines of the hit show Fixer Upper! They helped Buck the Construction Beaver evaluate our online banking and mobile app to determine that it was NOT a fixer upper – it was a total demolition. We’re tearing down the old system and rebuilding with YOUR$ Online and Mobile in 2023, and it will take everyone at tvfcYOU to make it happen!”

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