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Credit Union Professionals Attend Southeast Management School This Week

As part of the Southeast Regional Credit Union Schools (SRCUS), Southeast Management School has been shaping industry leaders for more than 50 years.

Students at Southeast Management School enjoy academic teachings with direct credit union application. One week per year, the three-year program at the University of Georgia’s Center for Continuing Education develops operational, managerial, and leadership skills. Students also benefit from working side-by-side with current and future leaders in the credit union movement and revered academic faculty. When students are off campus, they complete two annual projects, including a detailed five-year analysis of their credit union ratios. The ratios project is one of the highlights of the SRCUS experience because it puts what you learn at SRCUS into action.

“SRCUS has been the most positive experience for my personal and credit union growth. The friendships you make and the knowledge you gain are unmeasurable.”

Denise C. Kimberly Clark CU

“I enjoyed my experience as a first-time student last year in SRCUS. I walked away from that week with a greater understanding of the credit union industry through the classroom lectures and my classmates. The project, although challenging, is worth every bit of your time because it helps you to further analyze and articulate the nature of your credit union. The best part of the week was meeting and hanging out with those also in the industry. You realize through getting to know classmates that we have so much to share and learn from each other.”

Suzanne S. tnConnect CU
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