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Experience the Freedom of the Perfect Fit

When you find that flawless pair of jeans, or have a suit tailored so it fits you just right, it’s a wonderful feeling. You’re suddenly more confident, and you stop looking for something superior because you know it’s a fruitless search.

That’s the same feeling clients and job candidates get when they find their perfect fit professionally. When it’s a match between the two, it’s like kismet, and everyone is satisfied. And that is so freeing. But how does one make that happen?

Perfecting the Art of Matchmaking

Ideally it comes down to matchmaking – vigorously recruiting top talent and meticulously combing through applicants to find the best fit for your particular needs. In my 25+ years of recruiting, I can positively say that finding the perfect match is really an art form. Experience and skills are only part of the puzzle. But if you hire solely based on those factors, you’re in for a disappointment—and a hefty loss.

The costs of a bad hire can range from $152,000 to $220,000 and impact multiple cost centers in an organization, according to a recent article from The National Business Research Institute. Further, of the companies reporting bad hires, 37% cited a negative effect on company morale and 18% saw a negative impact on client relations.

Making a great hire is like choosing a life partner. Here are a few questions I suggest you ask during the interview or evaluation process:

  • Does he/she have the personality to fit in with other team and department members?
  • Can the candidate maintain the required amount of composure and confidentiality for the job?
  • Does this person have interest in advancing within the company? Do they have growth potential?
  • What drives them to succeed?
  • What successes (not job promotions, but real results) have they achieved?
  • Can the individual transition into the company’s overall culture and add positively to it?
  • What unique quality can this candidate bring to us that no other candidate can?

Additionally, I’ve found that several other subtleties during interviews – and within each open position – can help determine the golden match.

Additional Expertise and Getting Results

Should you decide to outsource your search, the goal is not to simply make the perfect hire. Rather, it should be to work with a recruiter who has industry experience and a consistently successful track record, someone who can be your “go-to” when you need talent.

Hiring an industry-experienced and niche-focused recruiter has paid dividends more than once when a local search firm couldn’t find the necessary talent.  Your recruiter should be a trustworthy and reliable resource when a position needs to be filled. A comprehensive approach highlighted by a known talent pool and the ability to match both skills and personality will absolutely be a difference-maker in your success.

The takeaway of all this? Not just any recruiter will do. Make sure your recruiter is a perfect fit for your company, and it will pay off exponentially when it comes to finding the talent you need.

Experience the Freedom

The biggest benefit of a perfect fit is that all involved can live in the present and work focused on the future.  With talent secured, you’ll be able to confidently start working on reaching the organization’s strategic goals. And candidates, rather than just settling into a job, can start building their career for the long-term. In a world where everyone is on the hunt for the next best thing, realizing satisfaction when it knocks on your door and embracing it allows for the freedom to focus on the present and live intentionally.

Kim Kreps – Executive Search Director

[x_alert heading=”About the Author: Kim Kreps, VP, Executive Search Director” type=”info”]Kim joined JMFA Recruitment Services team in 2012 after more than 20 years of experience with two of the world’s largest international recruiting organizations with Financial Services being a major focus before becoming niche focused in 2006. She has dedicated her career to delivering solutions that help financial institutions hire top talent aligned to their organization’s strategic plan, overcome their daily staffing challenges ensuring that candidates not only bring the essential skills but a great match to the corporate culture, serving in a variety of positions over the years including senior staffing specialist, branch manager, business development officer and executive search consultant. Kim’s success in locating highly qualified, high-impact candidates spans virtually every position and every size and type of financial institution. She has a proven track record of successful searches for C-level executives, controllers, commercial lenders, business development officers, accounting and finance personnel, auditors, portfolio managers, credit analysts, underwriters, and professionals in marketing, human resources, compliance, operations, quantitative analytics and risk management. Clients have included de novo financial institutions, community and regional organizations, mega-banks, credit unions and financial services companies. Kim’s prior experience includes recruitment and placement of entry level to upper-level management positions along with providing her clients other HR solutions including assessment services and quality training modules. Previously she worked with the Vista Search Group/MRINetwork, specializing in the banking and financial services arena. You can reach Kim at[/x_alert]

[x_alert heading=”About JMFA Recruitment Services” type=”info”]For the past 36 years JMFA has been considered one of the most trusted names in the industry for improving profitability and performance to achieve more. From executive management to project or contract positions, we offer comprehensive recruitment services. Industry experience, insight and proven search strategies enable us to connect the best people with the right organizations. We excel at finding the very best talent so you can stay on track and achieve your goals. JMFA is proud to be a preferred provider among many industry groups, including CUNA Strategic Services. Contact us at (866) 564-5017 or [/x_alert]

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