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Helping Credit Union Members Enjoy Summer of 2021

Last summer we experienced a priority shift that led many of our credit union members to a simple realization: they don’t have to go too far to have fun in the summer. Life in quarantine created the opportunity for at-home adventures by picking up old hobbies and developing new talents. Puzzles, painting, and backyard movie nights became the main event. This summer, with the vaccine roll-out well underway, credit union members will begin to expand their sense of adventure again and we predict spending on local travel and new forms of entertainment will rebound. How can your credit union help?


From the local donut shop to a nearby beach, this summer there will be more options open for exploring the local area. Remember last year when just taking a walk was the highlight of the day? This year, there are more businesses open in need of support. Encourage credit union members to get out and support local businesses this summer. Partner with local businesses or highlight local attractions on social media. If you’re unsure where to start, try:

  • Creating a shop-local day to support businesses in your area
  • Offering attractive rewards programs to encourage members to use their credit-union credit card on local shopping or travel


Good old-fashioned hobbies saw a resurgence in 2020. Sewing, crocheting, puzzles, card games, and even traditional do-it-yourself projects saw an increase in interest across the country. Many folks picked up paint brushes, pottery wheels, and photography. These hobbies, often personal passions, can get expensive. Create a unique new way to prepare for these expenses with a budgeting seminar or by offering free financial counseling to your members.

While the pandemic isn’t entirely over, credit union members will be able to safely travel, explore, and showcase their new talents. Encourage your credit union members to tap into your credit card programs and prepare their budgets for this summer’s new expenses. Position your credit union as a partner to help your members clear their financial hurdles to experience consistent growth and deliver a positive customer experience.



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