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If You Are Looking to Start a Credit Card Program – Apollo Is the Answer

What is the Apollo Credit Card Program?

The Apollo Credit Card Program is designed to allow small to mid-sized credit unions the ability to offer credit card services to their members. By participating in this agent program, your credit union will directly compete with other issuing institutions worldwide. An attractive card, priced competitively, will serve your members’ needs to a higher level. Today, we know your members have choices; many types of credit card offers keep cropping up from countless sources – why not have them choose YOURS instead?

Advantages of Offering a Credit Card Program

  • The Apollo credit card program can save time and money by eliminating the need to review loan applications and having to make advances on a repetitive basis
  • Apollo will earn you additional revenue, helping to improve your bottom line
  • Your portfolio can exceed peer averages in adoption and usage rates
  • Attract new members and retain those that are most valued
  • Provides your members convenience, lower rate options, and a payment acceptance plan that can be used in millions of locations and ATM networks worldwide

Benefits to Your Credit Union

  • Earn interest income, including annual, over-limit, late, cash advance and NSF fees
  • Approve all your credit applications
  • Set each individual credit limit
  • Choice of card styles – Classic, Gold, Platinum
  • Receive and settle transactional data daily through your Corporate
  • Name recognition – brand your card with the credit union name and logo
  • Optional enhancements include: ScoreCard (cash back and bonus points for merchant and travel rewards), Package Enhancements (Travel Services, Health Care and Discounts), and LetterChecks (Automatic Convenience Check program), and Credit Life and Disability Insurance

Credit Union’s Responsibilities

  • Establish a policy for your credit card program
  • During your implementation, set interest rate and fees – annual, late, over-limit, cash advance/NSF
  • Market the credit card program – free marketing materials and support provided by the portfolio development team
  • Obtain the necessary bonding insurance for fraud losses. (CUMIS)
  • Prepare adverse action notices if credit is denied
  • Maintain a non-interest bearing ACF account for transactional clearing
  • Monitor Lost/Stolen and other critical card reports (training made available during your implementation)

For more information on the Apollo Credit Card Program, contact Criss Browning at your league.  Email address is or call at (423) 280-3516.

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