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Learn about the Evolving Payments Landscape with FIS

The payments landscape is evolving and changing rapidly. In order to stay top-of-wallet, you need to ensure you are keeping up with digital payment modernization.

FIS is a feature and function-rich full-service debit processor, providing innovative solutions to enhance your business and profit growth

opportunities. We advance the cardholder experience with a full portfolio of products and solutions, including loyalty, fraud, card production, network

services, and more. Our best-in-class user experience delivers the

confidence and the resources you need to grow and protect your credit union. From innovative technologies to digital-first solutions, FIS gives you

the power to operate more efficiently with the data analytics you need to grow your bottom line.

Debit Insights

Debit Insights transforms debit transaction data into actionable behavioral insights. Through advanced segmentation techniques and marketing, your credit union can identify and group cardholders, and then target areas for revenue

growth by building cardholder loyalty and improving operational efficiency.

Portfolio segmentation is key to understanding your card program behaviors and identifying new channels of opportunity to encourage card usage in

growing electronic merchant segments.

Key features:

  • Card Group Segmentation
  • Fraud Forensics
  • Alerts
  • Cardholder Profitability

FIS offers everything you need to provide a seamless delivery of ATM products and services to your cardholders. While FIS has a robust ATM offering with full support for standard and advanced transaction sets, we continue to invest

in our ATM product line. Our investment focal point is to create products that promote differentiation vs. your competition, operational efficiencies,

reduce expenses, increase revenue and improve the consumer experience within your ATM network.

Features include:

  • Self-Service ATM Web Functions
  • ATM as a Service (AaaS)
  • Latest ATM Hardware/Software Supported
  • ATM Monitoring/Service Dispatching
  • Multiple ATM Communications Supported
  • Mandate Supported


FIS is ready to provide you with a complete suite of digital-first solutions to increase card usage and ensure your institution’s card is top-of-wallet for

your cardholders.


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