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Middle Tennessee Chapter Hosts YP Panel Discussion

The Middle Tennessee Chapter of Credit Unions recently hosted a Young Professionals Panel Discussion on Building Your Career in the Credit Union Industry. The panel was moderated by Trevor Nelson, president of the Middle Tennessee Chapter. He asked panelists a series of questions about how they started in the movement, what keeps them motivated and what they envision the movement will look like a decade from now.

The YP panel featured Jessica Ashby, business development associate at US Community Credit Union, Kallar McCown, vice present of branch operations at Cornerstone Financial Credit Union, and Katie Zumbro, marketing/business development at MPD Community Credit Union.

“I think it’s important to network with each other as young professionals now, so that 10-15 years down the line when it’s our turn to lead the legacy our current CEOs have left behind, we are better prepared,” said Katie. “That’s what as credit unions I think we do really well: prepare future leaders and generations by arming them with knowledge and education. A huge takeaway for me was that all of the panelists took different paths to set ourselves up- some of us had mentors, some of us are building our department from the ground up, and some of us are leading in our own way but collaboratively, we all are working towards the same goal and have achieved our respective success not because of what we’ve done, but because of our passion to make a difference and to not lose sight of the impact that we have on our communities.”

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