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New Team Members Join the League

The Tennessee Credit Union League is pleased to announce the addition of three new team members. Theresa Johnson and Sharon Vaughan joined the League’s Finance Department. Laura Parrish accepted a new role in the League’s Solutions Department.

Sharon Vaughan became a part of the League in October 2022, taking on the role of a part-time financial assistant. Her primary focus is handling the Accounts Receivable functions for the League and its affiliated entities.

In May 2023, Theresa Johnson joined the Finance Department as the finance director, marking the final addition to the Finance Team. She is primarily responsible for overseeing the day-to-day activities of the Finance Department and preparing monthly financial reports.

“I am thrilled to welcome Sharon and Theresa to the department, where they bring a wealth of experience,” said Cynthia Dunn, League vice president of finance and administration. “Sharon boasts over two decades of experience gained while working for Tennessee Valley Federal Credit Union, while Theresa has held various accounting positions in the tech industry, contributing her extensive knowledge to our team.”

Laura Parrish joined the League in September 2023 as the vice president of association services. She brings nearly 30 years of credit union experience to the League. She most recently worked at the Kentucky Credit Union League where she oversaw events and education for a decade before working in the League Service Corporation as vice president of association services. In this role, she managed league partnerships and served the needs of credit union affiliates. Before her league experience, Laura worked in education at a large credit union.

“I am really excited to connect with the people who work for Tennessee’s credit unions and learn more about the people, operating procedures and the overall mission of their credit unions,” said Laura. “My passion is helping people discover new opportunities that will benefit their membership.”

Laura is already offering counsel to credit unions and helping connect them with League resources.

“I am excited to have Laura join our team because she brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and work ethic that sets her apart from others,” said David Griffiths, League chief revenue officer. “Credit Unions are going to appreciate all that she can bring to the table in helping them compete.”

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