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On ICU Day, St. Thomas Credit Union Raises $2,110 for St. Thomas Federal CU in US Virgin Islands

[Editor’s Note: This is a letter we received from St. Thomas Credit Union.]

St. Thomas Credit Union realized that our sister credit union, St. Thomas Federal Credit Union in the Virgin Islands was hit hard by the recent hurricanes. We decided to take this opportunity of ICU Day to put into action the philosophy of “People Helping People” to raise money to assist in their recovery.  We set a goal of $1,814, the distance between Nashville, TN and St. Thomas Island in the Virgin Islands.

We, STCU, donated the first $500 as seed money and asked for donations as members spun the prize wheel on ICU Day. We also received funds from the Tennessee Credit Union League in Chattanooga, TN and US Community Credit Union and Life Credit Union., both located in Nashville.

And by the way, we not only met our goal but exceeded it with $2,110 through the generosity of everyone who participated.

Dreams Thrive Here,

Jim ClenDening
Business Development Director
St. Thomas Credit Union

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