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Are you ready for video banking? Check out the POPi/o White Paper

POPi/o recently published a report on the benefits of incorporating video banking into the resources credit unions offer in the response to the new normal brought on by the pandemic. The report also includes possible steps and examples a financial institution can do transition into using video banking, including ways to use video banking during a disaster, recovery, and a digital branch transformation.

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The report discusses the quick adjustment to stay-at-home orders, stating examples like remote working, online shopping—including groceries and other necessities—virtual socializing, virtual doctor visits, streaming workouts, and virtual entertainment, among many other activities.

POPi/o goes on to say that many of those habits won’t completely regress. Many employers are incorporating remote working at least part-time, using screens to not only use work-related apps but also communicate with co-workers and clients. Video banking usage increased significantly during the pandemic. POPi/o provides a breakdown through sections and practical ways and examples a financial institution can use video banking to improve branch service while complying with social distancing rules and creating a safe place for members and staff. The whitepaper covers:

  • Video Banking During a Disaster, including ways to deploy video banking to provide essential services.
  • Video Banking During Recovery, including ways to deploy video banking to support recovery.
  • Video Banking in Digital Branch Transformation, including ways video banking can support the digitization of branch services.

For more information about how POPi/o can help your credit union please contact David Griffiths.

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