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Security and Convenience, Anywhere in the World

Jules Verne once said “Travel if you can, and if you cannot – travel all the same.”

As part of a movement founded to enrich our members’ lives, we agree. Members should get out and experience the world. While we might not recommend a submarine or balloon like Mr. Verne, there is one convenient tool credit unions can offer that truly benefits members as they travel.

The CUMONEY® Visa TravelMoney® Prepaid debit card, that your credit union offers to members, provides all the convenience and security members need*, whether going around the world, or just across town. The card is accepted everywhere you see the Visa logo, and comes equipped with the EMV chip. Members can travel and shop anywhere in the world with peace of mind, knowing their money and personal information are protected

We make it easy to promote Visa TravelMoney in your branches and online by providing an array of marketing materials at no extra cost. From “Take-Ones” and table tents, to web graphics and banners, get your FREE marketing materials today!

Customize downloadable materials by clicking here to go to our marketing toolbox, or email to request an order of FREE preprinted collateral.

The Visa TravelMoney Prepaid debit card provides the convenience and security that members need to go out and experience the world, while providing the resources you need to promote it.

For questions, please call me at 800.356.9655 x 4109 or send me an email at

* The TravelMoney card is covered by VISA Zero Liability Protection.

Tom Lybeck
Alliance Manager
CUNA Strategic Services
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