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The Tennessee Credit Union

The Tennessee Credit Union Turns Overripe Bananas Into Pop-Up Banana Baking Contest

You are what you eat is an ancient saying that still rings true today. It is always great to see financial institutions inspire others to eat better in a fun, creative way.

The Tennessee Credit Union provides fruit in their breakroom to encourage employees to eat healthier snacks and to improve their overall wellness. What happens when overripe bananas are abundant? A banana-inspired bake-off, of course!

The contest winner would receive a $100 gift card from Kroger and bragging rights amongst their colleagues. Employees quickly grabbed their baking aprons and took bananas home to make their favorite banana treats.

The following day, a panel of three judges eagerly waited to select which amazing banana-inspired dish would be most intriguing. Judging criteria were based on execution, presentation and taste. The judges were delighted by the tastiness of each dish, but only one winner could prevail.

Congrats to team member Katherine for winning the title of Top Banana with her sugar-glazed banana bread!

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