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Ways to Take Action to Protect Interchange

With the CUNA-League System, we are continuously advocating for credit unions and credit union members. We are diligently working to oppose the proposed Credit Card Competition Act, but new groups are in Washington each week promoting it. This week the restaurant industry is in town advocating that consumers will be able to save money with the proposed Credit Card Competition Act.

We know the Credit Card Competition Act legislation will only hurt small businesses and consumers—we have to share our story to help protect interchange!

Educate Your Employees, Volunteer Leaders and Members
Let your employees, volunteer leaders and members—the credit card consumers—know how interchange helps protect them from data breaches. Share the Interchange Works site with them. Encourage them to let their members of Congress know the true impact of the “Big Box Bill” by using the Grassroots Action Center.

Sign-Up to Be Included in Co-Branded Press Release
There is strength in numbers! Let’s join together to show our communities the true impact of the “Big Box Bill.”

The Tennessee League will work on your credit union’s behalf to send regional press releases throughout Tennessee. If you are interested in your credit union being included in a co-branded press release, specifically targeted to media outlets in your area, please email the League.

Write an Op-Ed
Sharing your story is always impactful! We need credit unions to share stories about the importance of interchange.

These op-eds with personalized credit union data security experience, replacement costs and what it means for members are so important in helping to educate lawmakers and the community about how interchange keeps consumer data safe.

And if you have a small business member who is an interchange advocate, even better! Please email us if you are interested in writing an op-ed. We want to target our efforts across the state strategically.

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