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Celebrating a Century of Community: tnConnect Credit Union Marks 100th Anniversary

tnConnect Credit Union proudly announces its centennial milestone, marking 100 years of service to the Knoxville community. Established on June 17, 1924, tnConnect has been a pillar of financial stability and community support, embodying its commitment to members’ financial well-being and local initiatives.

On June 17, 1924, 7 post office employees each deposited $5 in a cigar box which was kept at the downtown Knoxville Post Office. This was the beginning of Knoxville Federal Employees Credit Union. The credit union has evolved with their membership through the years to become the tnConnect Credit Union of today.

Since its inception, tnConnect Credit Union has progressed from a modest community institution to a leading financial partner for individuals and businesses alike. Throughout its journey, tnConnect has remained steadfast in its dedication to providing personalized financial solutions, fostering lasting relationships, and investing in the communities it serves.

“We are incredibly proud to celebrate a century of service to our members and communities,” said Martin Bradley, President, and CEO of tnConnect Credit Union. “This milestone is a testament to the unwavering support of our members, the dedication of our team, and the enduring values that have guided us since day one.”

As part of its Founders’ Day celebration, tnConnect Credit Union will be hosting various events and initiatives throughout June 17-28, 2024 to commemorate this significant achievement. These events will not only reflect on the credit union’s rich history but also look forward to the future, reaffirming its commitment to innovation, excellence, and community impact. During these two weeks, the credit union has transformed its main office lobby on Middlebrook Pike back in time to 1924.

“We are excited to honor our past while embracing the future,” added Bradley. “Our Founders’ Day celebration is not just about looking back at what we’ve accomplished but also about charting a course for the next century of service and growth.”

In addition to its Founders’ Day celebrations, tnConnect Credit Union will continue its tradition of giving back to the community through various philanthropic efforts and partnerships. From supporting local charities to promoting financial literacy, tnConnect remains deeply invested in the well-being of Knoxville, east Tennessee, and its residents.

Join tnConnect Credit Union as it commemorates 100 years of serving the Knoxville and east Tennessee region and looks ahead to a future filled with continued growth, innovation, and community impact.

For more information about tnConnect Credit Union and its centennial celebrations, visit or contact CEO Martin T. Bradley.

About tnConnect Credit Union: Founded in 1924, tnConnect Credit Union is a member-owned financial institution dedicated to serving the Knoxville community. With a focus on providing personalized financial solutions and exceptional service, tnConnect has been a trusted financial partner for individuals and businesses for over a century. Committed to making a difference, tnConnect actively supports local initiatives and charities, reflecting its values of community and collaboration.

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