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Three Tips for Driving Social Media Engagement

Targeting the right audience and getting posts shared can be tricky, but here are three tips that have
helped our credit union get phenomenal results on social media.

  1. Use pictures of real people. Members love to see themselves, their kids, grandkids, friends, and
    you in the community. We are already out there doing things and seeing them, so snap a pic and
    share it. Bonus points if you include a local business and tag them in it. Don’t forget to get
  2. Post often. If you aren’t posting regularly, people aren’t keeping up with you. Aim to post 3-4
    things each week. Make your post a story as well so you can extra publicity. Be sure to go back
    and delete outdated stuff. Also, don’t post things that are irrelevant just to be posting
    something. Try to make an educational post, a fun post, and brag on your services each week.
  3. Take advantage of scheduling and performance tracking. Use the free meta business suite to
    schedule information that you know you want to share. This keeps you accountable for how
    many posts you share each week and let’s you see which posts are performing well and which
    ones to reconsider. This is also great for helping you with your time management. Schedule
    posts when you aren’t as busy with your other duties, cause we all know that credit union
    employees wear several hats!
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