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Learn about the Evolving Payments Landscape with FIS

The payments landscape is evolving and changing rapidly. In order to stay top-of-wallet, you need to ensure you are keeping up with digital payment modernization. FIS is a feature and function-rich full-service debit processor, providing innovative solutions to enhance your business and profit growth opportunities. We advance the cardholder experience with a full portfolio of […]

Five Tactics For a Credit Union’s Fight Against Fraud

Five Tactics For A Credit Union’s Fight Against Fraud By Eric Kraus Protecting your members and reducing your risk requires executing a sound fraud-fighting strategy, starting with a holistic playbook. Sponsored by FIS Businesses make advances in the fight against fraud, and then a billion new personal identity records get stolen, adding more fuel to the […]

Managing Card Compromises – Not One Size for All

It is a familiar story: a merchant database is attacked; an unknown number of cards are compromised and all cards are reissued. No one wins – the cardholders are inconvenienced and the card issuer pays the price – but the fraud, at least, is mitigated. Mass reissuance may be an effective strategy to combat fraud, […]

The Dangers of False Credit Card Fraud Triggers

Ensuring travelers are not needlessly rejected for legitimate payments. It’s an all too common and highly embarrassing problem for corporate travelers: a credit card transaction is rejected during a business trip and the card is locked. They are then faced with hours of time clearing their name and reactivating their card. Protecting customers from fraud […]

Optimize Your Return on Customer Loyalty

Four out of five consumers state that they are more likely to do business with brands that offer loyalty programs. But poor communications leave many programs falling short, according to a study of U.S. and Canadian consumers by Bond Brand Loyalty. Consistency Builds Stickiness Strong loyalty programs build stickiness with customers, but they require consistent […]

Help Your Members Enjoy Their Refund Responsibly

The New Year has come and gone and that means tax season is upon us. Members are completing their income tax returns with the IRS as we speak. The thought of receipts and calculations and all that paperwork can be stressful. Credit unions can help members cope with tax time stress. First, remind them of […]