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Embrace Change for 2020 to Experience Greater Outcomes

3 steps to increasing outreach and improving performance By: Mark Roe, Executive Vice President of National Sales A quick peek into what lies ahead for credit unions in 2020 reveals some formidable challenges, but also exciting opportunities for institutions that embrace change and remain focused on putting members first. By keeping an eye on the […]

7 Ways to Attract — and Retain — Talented Millennials

Flexible schedules, work-life balance, more growth opportunities … yadda, yadda, yadda. We all know Millennials want these things because … we all want these things. Comprising 35% of the American labor force and growing, Millennial employees (those born between 1981 and 1996) pose some unique challenges to banks and credit unions, not to mention most other industries. […]

Experience the Freedom of the Perfect Fit

When you find that flawless pair of jeans, or have a suit tailored so it fits you just right, it’s a wonderful feeling. You’re suddenly more confident, and you stop looking for something superior because you know it’s a fruitless search. That’s the same feeling clients and job candidates get when they find their perfect […]

Spring – A Season to Change, Update and Grow

If the signs of spring are signaling you to change, update and grow within your career or community, those same tenets can also bring new value to your organization and its clients. When many of our clients in the past have sought a refreshing and positive re-direction, they’ve succeeded by implementing a fully-disclosed overdraft protection […]

Top Five Plays for Building an All-Star Executive Team

Creating and maintaining an effective management team – with the expertise and leadership skills required to successfully guide your credit union toward its performance and member service goals – can be a bit like building a championship sports team. In both cases, finding individuals with the level of talent and drive to sustain exceptional results […]