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Member Expulsion Goes from a Bill to a Law!

TriStar Advocacy Report

School House Rock – Member Expulsion Goes from a Bill to a Law!

On March 15, 2022, President Biden signed the $1.5 trillion omnibus spending bill into law, including lots of items like aid for Ukraine, funding for our government, and a small but essential piece of legislation to help credit unions. This signature from the president completed the work of over two years on the Member Expulsion Bill by credit union advocates across the country.

Like in the beloved cartoon “School House Rock,” our “only a bill,” Member Expulsion Legislation, sat on Capitol Hill for over two years. We advocated on this issue at the GAC in 2020 and the following years. What got it over the finish line? Advocacy. YOUR advocacy. Your stories poured into Washington, DC, and a report from Tennessee about a credit union member robbing their credit union and still being unable to expel that member completely took the committee hearing by storm. It brought the issue to life in a way that passed the bill out of committee on a voice vote. The legislation had cosponsors from Tennessee – Senator Hagerty and Congressman Rose signed onto the legislation because of your advocacy. Because of the legislation’s unanimous support in committee added to the omnibus spending bill, passed by the house and senate, and became law.

Thank you for all your advocacy and hard work on this issue. This victory reminds us that advocacy is a marathon, not a sprint, and we’ve got to stay in the game!

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